Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Bye Elizabeth. Dick is a dick

In news that would break my son's 19th month old heart of he could understand it, ABC announced today that they are axing Elizabeth Vargas from the ABC News anchor's chair and replacing her with Charles Gibson. Gabriel won't have her to coo at anymore. From the wording, it also sounds like Vargas' co-anchor Bob Woodruff gets the shuffle too, that is, if he can shuffle after that IED nearly blew him to pieces in Iraq, and that happened only a month after he got promoted. I thought they made a good team, and I've never been fond of Gibson. He's experienced but he's got a strong streak of goof that makes him better suited to the morning crap. This change will likely push Amanda and I to try another network, or just watch "The News Hour" exclusively.

Dick Morris is goofy; he likes to suck on hooker's toes. If you haven't heard of him, Dick Morris once managed President Clinton's re-election but had to resign when news broke that he had an affair with a prostitute and let her listen in on private calls with the President. Since then he's become a Republican attack dog. Here's his assessment of why neither McCain nor Giuliani are acceptable candidates for the '08 Republican Presidential nomination, and what he says speaks volumes about those who currently control the Republican Party:

"McCain is too independent and Rudy too liberal. Republicans will not forgive the Arizona senator for his anti-torture bill, his backing for campaign finance reform, his support of major reforms in corporate governance, his opposition to big tobacco, his antipathy toward making the tax cuts permanent and his backing for citizenship for illegal immigrants. Nor will they overlook Rudy's support for abortion choice, gun control, affirmative action or gay rights."

You can read the entire load of fun here. If Dick "will not forgive" you for being anti-torture, what will he forgive you for? And does he kiss his mother with that mouth after sucking the toes of hos?


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